About the Virtual Competition category

This category is to work out how to run competitions during CoronaVirus. As far as we know, Thames Hare and Hounds was the first with a weekend challenge on 21/22 March.

The initial idea is to run solo in a specific time window (e.g. the weekend); send in links to Strava or Garmin as proof; and we put them all together with team scores.

We want to figure out how to organise the events, get the results together, make them fun…

Tipton Harriers also started a virtual race that weekend, on very similar lines. Due to growth in entries they’ve had to extend the race from Thursday to Sunday. The course is usually set around Tuesday & posted on Facebook. The course is set as a Strava segment, allowing everybody to see how they are doing as the week goes on.

What platform do people use for combining the results on their own virtual events?


Happy to be corrected. The single strava segment makes life a lot easier but it may cause issues with social distancing if too many runners are blasting around a loop even if it is remote.
We are hoping to get some funding for an API, so if any runner enters they will give us permission to extract their public strava data, and as long as they call that run a set name we can display distance covered and elapsed time automatically with no need for submission.

@andyw if you get the Strava API it would be good to use the Gradient Adjust Pace (GAP) instead of the actual pace to adjust race times based on change in altitude, e.g. someone running mostly downhill. Would need to see how well this works when someone also pauses their run, e.g. runs a 5K mostly downhill as 5 x 1K intervals with a rest period between the 1Ks. Actual pace may be 3:00 per K with GAP 3:15, giving moving time of 15:00 or 16:15 using GAP, but elapse time could be 19:00 if they took 60s rest between each K. Not given this much thought yet but I think would be an idea to use GAP percentage against actual pace and multiple by elapse time, e.g. in example above 3:15 GAP would be 108.3% of 3:00 actual pace, and elapse time of 19:00 x 108.3% would give a virtual run time of 20:35. Am I over thinking this or just trying to get a fair comparison of different runs? At the end of the day it is all a bit of fun and different GPS watches have different inaccuracies.