Elimination race series

Hi I’m sure last week (sometime since the virtual national road relays and Easter) I saw information on a virtual race series that was going to occur over a period of time and eliminate the slowest each time (maybe each week) I think over different distances. Anyway I can’t for the life of me recall where I saw it. I have been looking but to no avail, does that ring any bells and can anyone tell me more about it or where to find the info?! Thanks! Jo

Hi Jo

I’m not sure of the exact competition you are referring to but perhaps someone else will spot this who knows!
However, I know that lots of competitions are being organised and us at OpenTrack would like to look after some too so that could be one we choose to do if no-one else is. We are hosting a webinar tomorrow to show anyone who is interested how to create and manage a virtual competition so I would hope something stems from there!


I think this is being organised by Podium 5k - if you look up their Facebook page there are details.

I like the idea of a devil take the hindmost. I would say better day by day elimination so you have to consider conserving energy ! That is hw it works in cycling - they lose one each lap.

Thank you Nic, I found it!