Interesting strava traces, how to optimise your 5k

We are loving some of the creative “5k”'s. This one is a favourite, stopping after 12laps and 90m because the garmin said 5k.

Either a 410m track or a measuring device with an error that compounds over 12 laps.

Any other good ones out there ?

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Or perhaps he was running in lane 3 - we may never know.

are you naming and shaming? (or was it you :wink: )

More importantly, where is there an open track, and is it around here ? :wink:

Pretty impressive PB for a 14:22 PBd triathlete

At least he recognises the generosity of the watch

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I have noticed a few times that the same run looks fine on Garmin Connect, and shows a different distance on Strava. Any ideas why?

It is the same with Polar, they all have slightly different interpolation routines. The difference will be magnified if you do multiple laps.
Andy W

In my experience running a multiple lap course can harm you as often as it helps you. On my first virtual 5km from a few weeks back you can see the trace thinks I cut two of the corners on every lap meaning I had to run 7.5 laps for 5km whereas following the road it should be 7 laps.

It is great to see how quickly what started as a small bit of time optimisation has become a major sport. Ross Barkley obviously takes the credit for “forgetting to mention” his 5km run was actually a set of reps. Now our chum Richard McDowell at Hercules Wimbledon has taken it to the next level (though he was a bit more honest about it than Ross !)

Richard McDowell’s title has already gone. Open Track’s own Jonny Currie has popped out a cheeky 10:48 for 42 reps of ~120m downhill, what it does to your quads is apparently unspeakable.
Evidence here

I used to do hill reps the other way on that hill as a junior…

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Aaaaaaaand the record’s gone - by one second!

Oliver Williams with a 10:47 and 2:01:51 elapsed time using a similar method to my attempt. I fear for his hamstrings, I’m still moving at a shuffle.

Another step closer to sub 10 - I wonder if the level of professionalism required to be fit enough to be capable of sub 10 doesn’t overlap with the level of lunacy required to attempt this challenge…