Is it possible to host a virtual Handicap Race

Has anyone used this platform to hold a Handicap race? I want to create a virtual handicap race for our club members so want to know how this would work using OpenTrack and how we could combine results with individual handicap times.

Hi Gemma,

At the moment the best way to have a handicap is to run the usual race. You can download the results into a spreadsheet, add your penalising times then use the bulk upload results for the handicap version.


  1. create 2 events, normal and handicap in events grid.
  2. have athletes enter results as normal - for the main race.
  3. Hit downloads on front page, select results.
  4. add the magic sauce of top secret handicaps
  5. go to event 2 hit bulk events
  6. fill grid with bib numbers and modified times.(format mm:ss)
  7. hit save
  8. wait for the death threats from annoyed athletes you have penalised.


Andy W

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Following AndyW’s steps Thames H&H organised a Handicap race a month ago using OpenTrack

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That’s great, thanks for your help!