Issue Bib Numbers

Hi there All. I’ve just set up my first virtual event for my running club and would like to issue them all with personalised bib numbers. Is there a way that this can be done automatically or would it need to be done manually. Thanks :+1:t3:

Normally competitors are created with a cryptic four letters with a leading underscore which really means “not numbered yet”, and for virtual races people often don’t bother.

The tab “Manage | Numbering” lets you choose how you want to issue the numbers - the range of numbers, and whether they are ordered first by team, surname, age group etc - it’s pretty versatile. But if you want to actually choose each person’s number yourself, you’ll have to edit it yourself.

Thanks Andy I have found that the entrants can be numbered by the system and that’s great.
We have created an actual physical bib like you would get for a race.
Is there a way to send that out as an attachment to the competitors? And could you include the bib number they have been issued?

If you’ve got a specific bib number then you’ll need to go to the MANAGE|COMPETITORS tab, click on each runner and change their bib number. You can use this as a “token” when emailing people in the MANAGE|MAILING feature.

Bear in mind that any new entries will need to be updated as and when. Importantly, if people have already submitted results then changing their bib number will lose the result.