Results issue - results not being shown

I have 3 people who have uploaded results, but they aren’t being shown. Their tag _9BX for example is being shown and not their name, in the results list, but they are not shown in the start list or results on the home page. When I click on the tag, I get: Not Found - The page or resource you are looking for was not found.

Anyone have any ideas?

@Aaronw669 which competition is this for?

I have now deleted the results and bulk uploaded them without the strava embedded link, but they still don’t show on the homepage

The following are set as nonScorer, could that be why they are not showing on start list of results?

Joe Foreshew
Pete Noble
Michael Ramsdale
Andrew Briggs
Abbi Morrow
Liam Mills

Maybe that is not the problem as Abbi is listed in the results and start list.

Is that not just for team scores, but I’ll update that thanks