Virtual 5K Series

My club want to replace the annual 5K series with a virtual version, can we create 1 event but have 3 races ie June/July/August or would we need 3 individual events? can we also have accumulative times over the 3 events like we would in our usual race series?any hints and tips on setting up would be great , thank you .


Hi Alex

Yes, you could just create 3 different events within the same competition. Your participants would need to enter all 3. I guess you would just call them “June Race”, “July Race”, “August Race” or something similar.

You could create a 4th event to do a manual cumulative time.

Hints and tips:


Hi Alex,

Cumulative times across a series like this are quite likely to be an automatic scoring option within a few weeks - well before your races - so you won’t need to do the sums by hand.


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Hi Andy/Gus, I’m wishing to do similar and organise a monthly virtual 5k. I created an event for April and results have been uploaded. I then amended the event to include heats for future months but can no longer upload results for May as heat 2? Have I done something wrong or is this not the way to organise a monthly event?