Virtual Race Series

I want to organise a series of virtual races over different distances, was thinking 1 miles, 5K, 5 miles, 10K, 10 mile and may be half marathon but thinking half marathon is probably pushing it with current guidelines on social distance running. 10 mile may be out of the equation also, but I am seeing people on Strava running this distance and more.

What are the options with OpenTrack, would these all have to be different virtual races or could I have a virtual event with multiple races in it? Maybe a point system per race based on finish position with an overall result for the series. Maybe combining the points per club to provide an inter-club competition as it does not look like we will have any track & field leagues this summer.

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It’s very easy to have one competition with multiple events (i.e. races) in it - that’s exactly what an athletics meeting is! When people are entering, they see a checkbox for each event they might enter; but that doesn’t actually matter for virtual ones, because when they come to submit a result, if there is more than one event in the competition, they will be asked which they are submitting for (e.g. 5k/10k/10m); you didn’t see this for VNRRC as there was just one choice.

We also have a lot of configurable distance scoring options. I suggest you just skim through the (pre-COVID-19) competition management manual.

Is this for a particular club or part of the country? Let us know when ready to do and we can help you set it up…

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Hi cjscol, OpenTrack will be holding a Webinar on how clubs can set up virtual races of their own at 10am on Thursday 16th April. It’ll be great if you could listen in then!
Please register for the webinar at:

Great Richard. I will schedule it in. Can I invite some others?

Absolutely! Look forwards to having you on the call
If you have any questions in advance do let me know