Virtual Racing and Strava visibility

Trying to put up our first virtual race…

I can see my own Strava link, but the rest say ‘refused to connect’. I wonder if there is some permission setting people need to make their run public?

We have now figured out, we need the ‘embed’ links from Strava, not just a link to the activity. First beginnings of docs here

My problem is that I have entered the virtual 5k for June 10th to14th but my club name is not appearing. By using the filter I see there are about 15 other runners with their club missing depite them being shown on their profile. Can Open Track rectify these missing club names?


If you go back into your entry and click on it, once you confirm your details then you will get a screen like this. Click on find club and start typing in your club. It should appear in the drop down box.
Select that and proceed with the entry.

Thanks Andy

Club name now appearing OK so either you did it for me, or the computer did it by magic.

Let’s hope I am fit enough to beat my 19:42 from last time.


PS Did you or your wife work for Lloyds Bank 30 years ago. I did & still see Jenny Brown every year.